Linda Jo Foreman

CID, Director of Interior Design

Linda knew what she was going to do since she was nine years old. Other than a five-year break to successfully own and operate a food truck (Linda’s Luncheonette), it’s been all interior design all the time…and she loves it! Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Linda is a proud graduate of Florida State University, (FIDER accredited, 3rd in the nation), majoring in interior design. She has owned two successful businesses and has worked on model homes, overseas palaces, residential, mixed-use, medical, legal and other professional offices. Some of her greatest strengths are a keen sense of color and design, strong spacial awareness, creativity, organizational skills, personal interaction, a good listener and the uncanny ability to throw a great party – for any reason. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with her kids, hiking, biking, swimming, cooking and always welcomes a good snow day.